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Originally from Sydney, Australia​ Debra now resides in New York. From the diverse energy of Manhattan she creates powerful narrative pieces drawn from her imagination. Executed in oil on canvas her stimulating symbolic paintings use a palette of vibrant color.

        Debra studied life drawing and portraiture at the Paddington Art School in Sydney. Her fascination with the figure combined with her passion for dance led to dynamic figurative pieces where the subject almost leaps off the canvas. "Leap"a signature earlier work was awarded best painting in a prestigious art competition in Australia.

         Early in her career she took to travel overseas, settling for a year in Mexico to devote time to her art. As a result her work became infused with an almost decorative carnival quality. This led to paintings now held in international private collections including a piece exhibited in the Peninsula Museum of Art in LA.

        Mid career Debra was invited to become part of a multi cultural group of painters know as "Global Visions". Designed as a touring exhibition of talented painters, group shows were curated in galleries around America. These culminated in a 7th Biennale show held in Atlanta and Chelsea, New York.

        Debra's recent work is rich with the influences from her cultural roots. The exotic native florals of the Australian bush are a common element in her work. The Waratah along with other indigenous flowers are sometimes morphed with the figure creating haunting beautiful images. Native birds have become an important symbolic device she uses to give clues to the tone of the narrative.

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